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If you're looking to work on cool projects that make impact, build your knowledge base, grow your network and you're not sure where to go then look no further. Start today with learning how to set a net-zero strategy.

Make change by doing.

We provide you with access to learning streams that guide you step-by- step on how to launch initiatives, deliver projects and propel your career forward in the impact economy.

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Connect with like-minded individuals in your streams and get shit done in real-time.

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As you complete challenges, you're able to earn rewards from our growing network.

A community project

We embody the adage of think global, act local. We help you to take action where you are, today.

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Go Net-Zero

Check out our first live course that teaches you how to set a net-zero strategy at a company-level.

Our first challenge

The #NetZero30 challenge

The #NetZero30 challenge teaches you how to implement a net-zero strategy at a company-level in 30 days by providing you with daily actions to take - delivered straight to your inbox.

Mark McVeigh

Climate activist & ecologist

With support from an expert

In 2020, Mark McVeigh forced Rest Super, a $57 billion super fund to set a net-zero strategy after taking them to court over their investment strategy. He's not only fighting the good fight - he can help you fight it, too.

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Try the #NetZero30 challenge

Let's get you started with implementing a net-zero strategy.

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We're consistently developing learning streams and have some exciting ones in the pipeline.


Implement a Net-Zero strategy

Start with the #NetZero30 challenge and learn how to implement a net-zero strategy at a company- level in 30 days.


Embrace doughnut economics

Prepare your workplace to implement a circular economy initiative.


Mint NFT's that make impact

Learn how to create NFT's that protect endangered lands and wildlife.

What else can I start doing? 💎

Pretty soon a whole lot more.

We're working hard to ensure you're able to complete real-world challenges, be rewarded for doing so and are provided the skills and networks that allow you to become the social impact-making powerhouse you see yourself to be.


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