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Join Cohort #4 of our 5-week immersive learning program where we teach you the skillsets required to land a job that moves the needle on climate change. Starting October 23rd, 2023.

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The Go-Net Zero program gave me an amazing foundational understanding of what's required for a company to "go net zero". Convincing my organisation to move to net-zero has become a whole lot easier as I know what's required, the potential benefits and what next steps might look like :)

Henri Pryde

Product Manager @ Series A tech company

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The Go Net-Zero was an insightful experience on setting an effective climate strategy. I particularly enjoyed the support from industry experts, and the level of depth of more niche topics such as the GHG Protocol and Science Based Targets. The platform was excellent, and easy to use while the program catered for flexibility of participants. The program was unique and helped me appreciate the complexity of net-zero, and considerations businesses need to consider. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about sustainability, and even those working in the space!

Vis Vythilingam

Co-Founder, Greenfluence

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As an environmental lawyer, ‘Go Net-Zero’ was an easy and friendly way to learn the complexity of the climate crisis providing me with the technical knowledge to understand the roots of the emission reduction targets that the international legislation seeks to achieve, and the legal career does not provide. The structure of the course allows you to cover in a straightforward way a large number of topics that without the correct guidance, could be very overwhelming.

Francisca Silva

Environmental Lawyer

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Climate activist & ecologist

With support from an expert

In 2020, Mark McVeigh forced Rest Super, a $57 billion super fund to set a net-zero strategy after taking them to court over their investment strategy. He's not only fighting the good fight - he can help you fight it, too.

Mark McVeigh

Maybe you want to make greater impact in your career?

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Join Cohort #2 of our immersive 5-week program that guides you through choosing a career in impact by introducing you to four emergent topic areas becoming central to the new economy: Impact Investing, Human Rights & Modern Slavery, Natural Capital and Circular Economy.

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The Impact Accelerator provided an engaging and fun opportunity to hear from experts in the field of impact investing, nature capital, human rights and circular economy - and explore case studies in partnership with other like-minded learners! Speakers shared their career journeys and passions in their fields, and revealed insights within the sectors - and emphasised that every person can have a purposeful career. Online tasks and live working sessions were fast-paced to effectively covered key content, and provided opportunities Q&A and further engagement with the cohort. Overall, all the topics were fantastic and the speakers were great! Thanks team!

Lucinda Gibson

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In one word, impactful! High calibre mentors, wonderful community and truly engaging. I recommend Impact Accelerator to everyone looking to deliver positive impact throughout their careers. You will take away not only industry-leading content but also get the chance to meet your tribe. Very well implemented digital platform and interactive (and challenging) sessions! Congratulations to the econome, Greenfluence and Humans For Good for putting it together.

Nataliya Kozhushna

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I really enjoyed the experience at the Impact accelerator, being able to learn about topics which I was really interested in and also connecting with like-minded people really helped in expanding my knowledge base. The accelerator, helped me understand some of the different career paths that are available to me which are considered non-traditional. I have started researching into these career paths. There was a really high quality of educators and the live sessions were really good in giving us a deep dive into the various topics. My favorite topic was the impact investing topic

Divakar Subramaniam

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Learn how to create NFT's that protect endangered lands and wildlife.

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