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Fast track the development of a new initiative, project or idea with an online accelerator

What is an online accelerator?

An online accelerator is an incubator designed to promote ideation, rapid prototyping and the testing of new ideas in order to find solutions to existent problems.

Why would you build one?

1. No more bureaucracy
Gain access to processes, procedures and methodologies designed to test the feasibility and desirability of risky assumptions that have the potential to change operations or lead to alternative business strategies.
2. Access to other talent
Through creating online accelerators (whether they be publicly accessible, selective or private) you open yourself up to the possibilities of having those other than your employees or within your organisation work on the issues you may be facing in your operations.

3. Create opportunities for others
Through partnership, you can create new opportunities for those participating in your online accelerator. Either through upskilling them, building their network or exposing them to alternative business opportunities.

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