Foundations of Modern Advocacy

Modern advocacy is a complex process as it requires you to  communicate effectively, in order to inspire individuals to take action in their lives.

Through advocating for the cause of modern slavery, more specifically, the abolition of human trafficking, you will be equipped with the relevant skillsets required to act as a modern advocate for social causes that you care about.
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What will you learn in this accelerator?

Advocacy is the process of aiming to influence decisions with political, economic and social institutions. In today’s world, advocacy is a complex process of raising awareness of a given social issue whilst empowering those most directly affected by the issue to speak for themselves.  

Slavery in the 21st century is one such social issue in need of modern day advocates. Modern slavery occurs when one person has taken away another person’s freedom - their freedom to control their body, their freedom to choose to refuse certain work or to stop working - so that they can be exploited. 

Freedom is taken away by threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power and deception.The net result is the person cannot refuse to leave the situation. In this accelerator you will learn what modern slavery looks like through developing a systemic understanding of its occurrence from a supply chain perspective as enabled by wage labour exploitation. Specifically, you will be looking into the issue of human trafficking.    

You will be guided through completing one of the following activities as a means of building your skill-sets around modern advocacy.

1. Enable sponsorship of victim owned enterprises and empowerment programs. 

2. Fundraise successfully for your preferred charity or local anti-human trafficking organisation partner to help scale their impact 

3. Advocate for policy and social change through activism, critical reflection, persuasive writing and raising awareness on issues of injustice using online channels

What are the details of this accelerator?

Next start date
10 hours of commitment
over 2 weeks
100% Online
What can I show for it?
You will prepare and execute
a modern advocacy campaign
How many places?
Limited to 15 participants
Next application deadline

Who have we partnered with to deliver this accelerator?

Grace + Grit Social Enterprise is a social behaviour change and human rights organisation that exists to combat all forms of modern slavery and gender inequality through co-created, evidence-based social innovations and global partnerships. Grace & Grit works with local partners on the ground and also directly with victims, young women and children at risk of modern slavery to reduce their vulnerability, and increase their access to education, vocational skills and job opportunities. Grace & Grit programs particularly focus on risk reduction and closing the inequality gap through education and employment pathways aimed at transforming economic prospects, mobilising and building resilient communities of empowered women  and children, and promoting human right to dignity and self-determination.  

Who will be supporting you during this accelerator?

Dr Abigail Badejo

Dr Foluké Abigail Badejo is an award-winning Research Fellow and Behaviour Change researcher at Queensland University of Technology. She specialises in co-designing, generating and translating formative research insights into sustainable social innovations that serve to empower disadvantaged women, children and communities within Australia and the Global South to transform their prospects.

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