Learn Engineering Design with AutoCAD

Learn the knowledge and skills to use AutoCad to design an engineering-based project with a technical level of documentation.

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5 weeks

With one contact hour a week
and a few extra hours of self study,
we aim to make our courses possible
for all busy bodies.



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15 spaces

Keeping our courses small
ensures that each individual gets
the attention they need to get the most
out of the respective course.


► Week 1

• Understanding the Interface
•Model Space, paper space
& plot and print.

► Week 2

• Learning functional commands  
• Lines, Curves and Matching Properties

► Week 3

• Introduce Project Aim
• Apply commands in
model space

► Week 4

• Plotting project in paper space
• Implementing own series of line weights.

► Week 5

• Correcting line weight issues
• Proper printing of project
Learning Outcomes:
1. Ability to understand
AutoCAD interface
2. Ability to navigate commands in order to achieve documentation correctly
3. Ability to swap and print the documents to lineweight standard.

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