Building a Social Business


Interested in creating a social enterprise? Well, solving real world problems and generating ideas is a big part of achieving this goal.

In this course, explore how to understand problems (discovery) and generate ideas (ideation) for a new business, initiative or solution.

By working with one of our our partner social enterprises, we will use collaborative, design and creative techniques to work with real world problems. The aim: you create an innovation for our social enterprise partner.

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facilitated by

Sam Shlansky

20 spots

5 week


Theoretical Course Details


Week 1: Setting Course
  • Introduce structure/purpose of the course
  • Introduce different organisations
Week 2: Discovery
  • Introduce notion of shared value
  • Focus on collaborative frameworks as opposed to competitive frameworks
  • Customer Discovery Interviews
  • Apply to particular organisations
Week 3: Ideation & Sharing
  • Introduce notion of value chain
  • Assist students in assessing their unique contribution to the value chain
Week 4: Initiative Generation
  • Introduce the notion of ‘Think Global, Act Local’
  • Introduce the notion of stakeholder mapping
  • Facilitate student discussion centered around identifying local stakeholders   
Week 5: Pitch
  • Have students suggest next course of action
  • Introduce pitching frameworks
  • Suggest refinements.
  • Conclude (after course) with final pitch.


  1. Design thinking mindsets and methods
  2. Creative thinking and idea generation
  3. Active listening, leadership and team-work
  4. Working out of your comfort zone
  5. Dealing with complex problems
  6. The art of pitching
  7. Identify relevant partners & stakeholders through stakeholder mapping
partnered with
providing Intensive Internship Experience
opportunities with enactus and partner organisations

Who's teaching you?

Sam Shlansky

Sam has worked extensively with the government and community sectors, with special focus on improving inter-cultural communication.

He is a recent RMIT Diploma of Youth Work graduate after completing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Monash University.

Sam joined Marco Polo Project, a Melbourne-based non-profit inspiring and creating new ways to bring cultures together, as Head of Education Projects. In this role, he has designed and delivered a range of programs to help young people develop creative skills and positive mindsets, allowing them to better deal with uncertainty and harness the potential of cultural diversity.

From the not-for-profit sector and beyond Sam brings diverse education and governance expertise. His achievements have been recognised by the Victorian Multicultural Commission 2018 Youth Excellence Award. He is a high-impact advocate and educator with communities in Victoria and beyond.

What makes our
courses different?

Facing Real World Issues

We connect you to social enterprises
to work on real world problems,
giving you industry experience.

Access to the latest tools and approaches

The world is changing fast — learn
the latest tools and techniques of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Learn from people
on the ground

Our courses are taught by social
entrepreneurs, founders, industry
experts and your peers.

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