Building a Social Business


Interested in creating a social enterprise? Well, solving real world problems and generating ideas is a big part of achieving this goal.

In this course, we will guide you through the process of piloting a new social enterprise idea. There is no requirement to have your own idea. You will be provided with a workable business model and product

By working with one of our our partner social enterprises, we will use collaborative, design and creative techniques to work with real world problems. The aim: you create an innovation for our social enterprise partner.

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Practical Course Details


Week 1: Exploring Our
Problem Area
  • Students gain a sense of the problem area they are facing.
  • Students introduced to research techniques to find pertinent insights
Week 2: Providing a Solution
  • Students apply learnings to re-shaping supply chains.  
  • Students identify their unique contribution to the Value chain
Week 3: Designing a Product
  • Assist students in assessing their unique contribution to the value chain
  • Students conduct customer discovery interviews
  • Students incorporate insights into product design
  • Students suggest potential prototype
Week 4: Finding Suitable Partners
  • Students conduct the process of stakeholder mapping.  
  • Students identify 3-5 potential stakeholders.
  • Students prepare proposals.   
Week 5: Pitching and Marketing
  • Introduce pitching frameworks
  • Guide students on how to run a kickstarter
  • Suggest refinements.
  • Conclude (after course) with final pitch.


  1. Design thinking mindsets and methods
  2. Creative thinking and idea generation
  3. Active listening, leadership and team-work
  4. Working out of your comfort zone
  5. Dealing with complex problems
  6. The art of pitching
  7. Take your enterprise to the next level by situating it within the local economy.
  8. Identify relevant partners & stakeholders through stakeholder mapping
  9. Position yourself to secure funding for your initiatives  
Intensive Internship Experience Opportunities with
enactus and partner organisations

What makes our
courses different?

Facing Real World Issues

We connect you to social enterprises
to work on real world problems,
giving you industry experience.

Access to the latest tools and approaches

The world is changing fast — learn
the latest tools and techniques of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Learn from people
on the ground

Our courses are taught by social
entrepreneurs, founders, industry
experts and your peers.

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