Climate action workshop: Holding organisations accountable to Net-Zero action strategies

Join this workshop to understand what actions you can take to hold organisations accountable to developing effective climate strategies.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

About the Event

Who is this for?

  • Aspiring climate activists
  • People looking to force action on climate
  • Those looking to build their advocacy skill-set

What will you leave the workshop with?

  • A connection to fellow climate activists
  • A clear strategy to hold financial institutions accountable

In this workshop,  Mark McVeigh will provide insights on what actions you can take to hold institutions accountable in taking action on climate with a specific focus on financial institutions.

In 2020, Mark settled out of court with $57 billion superfund, Rest Super after a two year battle over their lack of having a climate change strategy. This caused the superfund to commit to having a zero-carbon footprint by 2050.

Mark definitely has the know-how on how to force organisations into action and in this interactive workshop he will be sharing the best tips and tricks on how you can take action too.

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