Building Future Ready Skills: Careers in a Climate Conscious Economy

This event we discussed what skills and approaches to work you can adopt to thrive in the climate economy.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

About the Event

Who is this for?

  • Individuals looking to learn how they can make more of an impact in their work
  • Individuals looking to transition their careers into climate related jobs
  • Individuals looking to build skillsets relevant to an increasingly climate conscious economy.

What will you take home from this webinar?

  • Actionable insights on how to incorporate climate related initiatives in your day to day work
  • Tips and tricks on how to upskill yourself to be climate relevant
  • Exposure to wider socioeconomic trends indicating how the climate economy is already affecting our workplaces

Who's speaking?

Our panel will be discussing their individual careers and how they came to be more involved in climate related work. They will share their individual stories, key mindset shifts they underwent and how the work they do can be something you can do.

Lucy Piper from WorkForClimate will provide insights on how the work she does at WorkForClimate is helping individuals make change in relation to climate in the current jobs they are in.  

Minalee Busi from ClimateWorks Australia will talk about some of the intiatives she's working on, including the NetZero Momentum Tracker and how she sees the role of education in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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