Our Mission

To inspire, educate and connect those looking to make a positive social change in the global economy.  

What is econome trying to achieve?

econome aims to provide a platform that enables the acceleration of global progress in achieving the UN Sustainable Development goals (UNSDGs) through initiating grassroots initiatives by aligning corporate, not- for profit, NGO, social enterprise and student efforts.

Currently, these groups tackle UNSDGs independently, guided by their own objectives. Given that our educational system is designed in silos and soft on providing practical experience; our corporate sector is largely driven by the profit motive; and not for profits, NGOs and social enterprises often lack the required funding to achieve their objectives; a lack of collaboration between these groups leads to less than optimal outcomes.     

How will econome achieve this?

econome aspires to be a globalized, networked platform for diverse groups of students, businesses, not for profits, non-governmental organisations and social enterprises to communicate and cooperate on measurable projects that contribute to global sustainability. econome will allow corporate and socially minded organisations to collaborate with facilitators to co-design experientially-based online course material aimed at launching and sustaining projects that achieve positive social impact.

As the only clear and evidenced framework for evaluating global sustainability, UNSDG’s provide the organizing principle for the alignment of corporate and social organizations’ values and missions. Corporate organisations through their corporate social responsibility measures will provide funding and industry connections to help ensure the success of launched projects.
Social organisations will provide guidance on developing course content and problem sets to encourage the alignment of projects with both the supporting organisations and UNSDG’s values and objectives.

Students of all ages and backgrounds get the opportunity to work on practical, real-world problem sets in areas of their interest guided by facilitators to research, implement and sustain tangible projects that make a positive difference to their communities. We will only encourage students to pursue projects in areas where they are passionate to make a difference so that they can be confident that they are making a meaningful contribution to positive changes in the UNSDG’s.
We will work to achieve partnerships with relevant higher education providers so that students are able to achieve credentials for the work they complete through econome.