Create impactful learning
experiences with econome

We help you construct and run project-based online
learning experiences facilitated by industry experts

How are our courses different?

Real world projects

Project-based learning has been proven to increase learning and retention of knowledge. Utilising formative modes of assessment, our courses are some of the ‘stickiest’ going around.  

Connect with experts

We provide you with connections to industry experts to help shape your learning experience, provide direct feedback to your learners and facilitate industry connections 

Group based learning

Group-based learning is critical to developing soft skills amongst learners. Our courses provide the ability for your learners to learn by completing a project collaboratively.

We craft experiences

We take the time and care to deeply think through your subject matter area of interest so that we are able to design learning experiences that instill mindset shifts within learners.

Aligned with UNSDG's

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals (UNSDGs) provides the only globalised framework to ensure a future for us all. All projects offered through our courses help to achieve the UNSDGs.   

How can we help you create?

1. We provide free consultation so that we can better understand
and research your subject matter area of expertise. 

2. We identify a relevant project that learners will
be able to complete in order to learn your subject matter.

3. We connect you and your subject with relevant industry experts to
provide feedback for your learners on the project they complete. 

4. We then design and create your online course. This can be
integrated onto your existing website or hosted on
the econome platform.  

5. Lastly, we assist you in the process of generating leads
for your courses
and help you to create a community of learners. 

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