This Earth Day we're challenging you to do good.

🤝 We've partnered with VOLI to help you do more good 🤝

You will have 10 days to complete a number of challenges to earn prizes for doing good. Sounds pretty good.

What is Challenges for Good?

Complete Earth Day Challenges

You get the opportunity to beta-test VOLI's new platform prior to its public launch through completing listed challenges and giving you time in-person.

Earn points for your actions

Each one of these challenges will have an assigned amount of points that you can earn as you learn or complete a challenge.

A community initiative

You'll be onboarded into the econome community to meet people just like you that are inspired to take action on socially worthwhile causes.

Why would I complete Challenges for Good?

Earn prizes

Top participants in Challenges for Good will earn prizes through VOLI and econome's partnership network.

Do social good

This Earth Day you'll be able to educate yourself on the best actions that you can take to protect the planet.


You'll have the opportunity to connect with a bunch of other changemakers that are all inspired to do good for the planet just like you.

💻 Online & in-person

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Limited to 50x spots

💰 Completely free

Key Dates

  • 19th April - Live onboarding day
  • 22nd April - Challenges go live on Earth Day
  • 30th April - Challenges finish

What can you expect from Challenges for Good

Expert educators

We have partnered with experts in the relevant fields to educate you on relevant socially impactful initiatives so you're empowered to do good in the lead up to Earth Day and afterwards.

Live sessions

We have multiple live sessions scheduled so that you're able to learn more about how you can become an agent for social change and empower your social change credentials.

In-person meetups

We have scheduled a number of in-person catch-ups where you'll be able to connect with other members of the community that jump on board.







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