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What's going on?

The Burrup Hub development shouldn't proceed.

It spells disaster on a scale that will impact generations.

Numerous interest groups have campaigned against it.

The Burrup Hub project is a $50bn Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) mega-project led by Woodside Energy, involving the development of two new giant offshore gas fields and other petroleum resources, including onshore fracking developments for export from the Northwest of Western Australia.

The Burrup Hub would be the most polluting project ever to be developed in Australia, delivering some of the world’s dirtiest LNG for up to 50 years. With estimated total emissions of over 6 billion tonnes (gigatons) of carbon pollution across its lifetime, the proposal has profound implications for the global climate across generations.

Greenpeace Australia, The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA), The Australian Greens and Disrupt Burrup Hub have all launched campaigns to draw attention to this project and an open letter signed by over 50 scientists has been penned to the federal government. You can read a report prepared by the CCWA below.

Our partners on this campaign

We are partnering with SIX to empower those wanting to take action on this campaign become shareholder activists. Our aim is to empower 100 individuals to become shareholders at Woodside so that they can have their voice heard.

What do we aim to achieve?

We are preparing a proposal to be presented at the 2025 Woodside AGM

We want to work with Woodside to help them see the financial benefits from divesting in the Burrup Hub and looking at alternative options. Better preparing them and our environment for a future we can all be excited about.

How can you get involved?

Join the working group

Be part of the core team strategising & implementing campaign actions to influence Woodside's environmental decisions.

Engage on social media

Use the power of content creation, hashtags and social sharing to raise awareness and recruit more supporters to the cause.

Join a letter writing campaign

Target institutional investors with personalised letters to highlight the environmental stakes of the Burrup Hub project.

Educate yourself on the impact

Join educational sessions with subject-matter experts that arm you with critical knowledge needed to make change.

Are you interested in helping out?

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