A conversation over lunch can change the world.

We'll help you connect with other people interested in climate over lunch.

Because sometimes, setting up a lunch-date can be the hardest part of building your network.

How does Climate Lunch Club work?

You sign-up

Let us know where you live, which days you're free for lunch, what area of climate you're interested in and what you're wanting to learn about!

We match you

We'll then match you with another person interested in climate fortnightly who matches your schedule and interests and make a suggestion on where you could meet.

Climate convos ensue!

Then all you have to do is have lunch with the other person and see where the conversation goes! Make sure to let us know how it went!

Why would I join Climate Lunch Club?

Expand your network

Meet new people who share your passion for climate action.

Share & Learn

Exchange knowledge and experiences to drive positive change.


Find potential collaborators for your projects and initiatives.

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