COP THAT! will resume in November.

🤝 COP THAT! will resume for COP 29 🤝

What is COP THAT!

Get involved in COP 28

COP THAT! is an immersive online experience designed to empower individuals and communities to take tangible actions on climate change during COP 28.

Be informed

Explore dynamic content, live sessions, and exclusive insights directly from COP 28. Our carefully curated sessions will deepen your understanding of climate issues and inspire actionable change.

Find a tribe

Our mission is to connect, inspire, and activate individuals like you to make a real impact on climate. By joining COP THAT!, you become part of a community committed to environmental change.

How does it work?

💻 100% online

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Limited to 40x spots

💰 Completely free

Choose a topic area

There are four topic areas for you to choose from and get involved in. Submit your preferences and be assigned to a specific climate mission.

Align with a community

We then pair you with one of our community partners and a working 'pod'. Our partner shares with you their mission and how they align with climate.

Create a campaign

Over the course of COP 28, you will then work with your 'pod' to come up with a campaign for our community partner that takes into account COP 28 insights.

Kick-off Date

COP THAT! will be kicking off November 2024.

Key Dates

  • TBA

What can you expect from COP THAT!

Expert educators

We have partnered with experts in the field to deliver COP THAT! so that you're in safe hands for understanding what's ahead of you for a career in climate and getting the most out of COP 28.

Live sessions

We have multiple live sessions with your pod group so that you're able to align on the insights coming out of COP 28 together as well as collaborate to get things done as a team.


You will not only be learning from us, but also your peers. We have a powerful online eco-system that allows you to easily connect with your peers.

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