Accelerate your career in customer service.experience designproduct managementcommunity management

Understand what a career in customer experience (CX) means by directly learning from experts who have forged careers in the field.

Developed in collaboration with experts from:

Who will you be learning from?

Pascale Greenberg

Customer Experience

Ryan Hayward

Experience Design

David Wang

Product Management

Paz Pisarski

Community Management

Format & Schedule

πŸ’» 100% online

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸΎ Limited to 35x spots

πŸ’° Completely free

Kick-off Date

  • The second cohort of the Impact Accelerator will be kicking off May 3rd 2023

Key Dates

  • May 3rd - Kick Off
  • May 4th - Customer Experience
  • May 10th - Experience Design
  • May 17th - Product Management
  • May 24th - Community Management

What can you expect from the Impact Accelerator?

Expert educators

We have partnered with experts in the field to develop and deliver this online accelerator so that you're in safe hands for understanding what's ahead of you for a career in making impact.

Live sessions

Each week, there is a 1-hour live session in one of the different focus areas so that you're exposed to the different pathways that are available to you.

Community-based learning

You will not only be learning from us, but also your peers. We have a powerful online eco-system that allows you to easily connect with your peers.

At your own pace learning

There are multiple real-life case studies for you to learn from within the accelerator. Each expert will be providing a real working problem they face in their career that you can work through in your own time.


We will provide you with a certificate of completion upon fulfilling requirements of the accelerator so that you are able to show your interest in pursuing a career in impact. As a growing field, this will help position you in the market as impact literate

Access to tools

We will help with providing access to the latest tools available in the market for ensuring you're able to make impact in your career.

What are you waiting for?


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