Go Net-Zero.

Join expert Instructor, Mark McVeigh, in an immersive, LIVE experience and learn how to initiate, create and launch a net-zero strategy and make your workplace or company a net-zero emitter!

Who is this course for?

Changemakers & Intrapreneurs

You've been advocating for implementing a net-zero strategy at your organisation for some time now. But you haven't had the tools or know-how on how to do so. Let's get you started. 

Environmentalists & Practicalists

You realise that change isn't going to happen overnight and it's not going to happen without the world of business. It's time you learn the skills to help them make the change. 

Influencers & Creators

You have the ability to influence change at a local level and help catalyse movements but you need the practical tools to allow you to do so. Let's get you skilled in implementing the net-zero movement.

A trusted approach to carbon measurement & net-zero emissions.

Learn the essential frameworks, tools and strategies to implement an effective net-zero strategy.

GHG Protocol

Understand how to categorise emissions across Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions so you are able to properly develop a carbon profile.

Science-Based Targets

Learn how to set effective targets for reduction that align with international standards and put your organisation on track.

Carbon Measurement Tools

Get across all the latest tools designed to help you measure and track your carbon footprint and how to use them.


Learn how to leverage a net-zero strategy as a differentiator for your business, unlocking new value for stakeholders.

Spaces are limited!

Start Date

Whenever you like (Solo)

October 10th (Cohort)

End Date

Whenever you like (Solo)

November 11th (Cohort)


$175.00 (Solo)

$275.00 (Cohort)

Learn alongside a group of peers with the power of live learning

Hands-On Projects

Apply what you’re learning through hands-on projects and toolkits that will help you set the foundations to build, launch and implement a net-zero strategy at a company level.

Interactive Live Sessions

Learn through active 1-hour, live sessions led by your instructor that includes breakout rooms, interactive Q&A, peer-to-peer learning and collaborative projects.

Community-based learning

Make connections and learn alongside a group of peers for added accountability, as you implement a net-zero strategy.

What's included?

Expert educators

We have partnered with experts in the field to develop and deliver this online course so that you're in safe hands for delivering your net-zero strategy.

Live mentorship

Each week, there is a 1-hour live session to check in on your progress and support you in ensuring you are sticking to the objectives of the course.

Community-based learning

You will not only be learning from us, but also your peers. We have a powerful online eco-system that allows you to easily connect with your peers.

Project-based learning

There are multiple real-life case studies for you to learn from within the course and if you are in the process of looking to develop a net-zero strategy at a workplace, then this is the perfect place to do so.


We will provide you with a certificate of completion upon fulfilling requirements of the course to show that you are capable of implementing a net-zero strategy. As a growing field, this will help position you in the market as a sustainability expert!

Access to tools

We will help with providing access to the latest tools available in the market for carbon measurement and offsetting verification, empowering you to take action.

Meet your instructor.

Hi, I'm Mark

I'm a Climate ecologist & activist based in Brisbane and I want to equip you with the skills that allow you to take organisation's net-zero. I've worked with econome to design this challenge and ensure you've been set up for success.

You can learn more about my story below.

Format & Schedule

Learn by doing as we dive deep into the specifics of measuring your carbon footprint as a means of developing a net-zero strategy.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol

Learn the key principles that drive the development of a meaningful GHG inventory, the importance of operational and organisational boundaries and the difference between Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.


Science-Based Targets

Identify the key components and criteria of a science-based target (SBT), familiarise yourself with the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi), how to establish organisational boundaries and identify relevant SBT’s for a supply chain.


Verifying Offsets

Learn how to identify offsets that can be verified and legitimately utilised to help mitigate your carbon profile as well as the limitations to this approach.


Carbon Measurement Tools

Become familiar with the tools at your disposal for measuring the carbon footprint of an organisation and how to set yourself up on a relevant platform.


Stakeholder Communication

Begin to build a climate coalition with other organisations that have pledged to become net-zero emitters and create a communication strategy for relevant stakeholders in your organisational structure and supply chain.

Affordable & Accessible

We want to ensure as many people as possible are able to implement a net-zero strategy. So we're offering prices that allows for that to happen.



✔️Access to all learning materials

✔️Access to a change-making community

Cohort Access


✔️Access to all learning materials

✔️5 x 1-hour live-learning sessions

✔️Access to a change-making community

✔️Certificate of completion

✔️Discount access to carbon-measurement tools

What our learners have said 🗣

"Mark and the facilitators are great with wide-ranging industry expertise which fosters deeper engagement and nuanced discussions on the issue of climate change and the business response to it. The course will definitely set you up with market-ready climate action skills and a robust science-based understanding of net-zero target setting."

– Minalee Busi, Project Officer, Climateworks

"As an environmental lawyer, ‘Go Net-Zero’ was an easy and friendly way to learn the complexity of the climate crisis providing me with the technical knowledge to understand the roots of the emission reduction targets that the international legislation seeks to achieve, and the legal career does not provide. The structure of the course allows you to cover in a straightforward way a large number of topics that without the correct guidance, could be very overwhelming."

Francisca Silva, Environmental Lawyer

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